3 float "explorer" challenge
Are you ready to take the challenge?
Curious to experience the compounding benefits that come with regular floating?
Boosts Creativity
Reduce Stress & Anxiety
Muscle Recovery
Improve Sleep Quality
Increase Immune System
Relaxing & Medative
We challenge you to undertake our 3 Float Explorer Challenge
It's a two for the price of one limited time offer. Undertake our challenge and get another two floats in within the next two weeks and you'll only pay for the price of one.

Pay for a single float RRP 650,000 IDR + tax and receive two float credits which can be used at anytime over the next 14 days from the date of your first float.

These float credits cannot be shared and must be used by you so you reap the full benefits of the challenge.

Whether you're already feeling the benefits or yet to discover the full potential that regular floating can offer you.
It can take you up to 3 sessions in the tank to reach that ah ha moment and really reap the full range of benefits of floating.

We realise that your first float can sometimes be challenging. I mean, when was the last time you were without your phone or laptop and completely disconnected from the outside world for over 90min?

Getting used to this foreign and strange environment inside the float tank and really being able to relax can take most people two to three sessions.

So, undertake our challenge and get another two floats in within the next two weeks and you'll only pay for the price of one.
"The experience is relaxing but for me it does take practice, this is my second float. I'm looking forward to my third float, I think I will be able to totally let go on the next time.
Lovely experience, it's been 5 hours since my float and as I am writing this I feel noticeable relaxed and energized there is very little tension in my body... it's like my body knows it's been treated beautifully and is thanking me for it.."
Jonpaul Warren
"Floating has allowed me to take time to focus on myself, ridding my mind of the clutter and gaining so much clarity. I felt so refreshed and recharged afterwards, I am amazed how much a float can make such a positive difference, I am blown away! Everything here is carefully thought out, Solace is a first class float centre and I highly recommend it."

Suzanne Mulvihill
New Zealand
"I had my first float last year. Never experienced anything quite like it. I have found that it took me a couple of floats to really get into it and experience the massive benefits.
I've now bought a year long membership to this centre and incorporate into my weekly routine.
I never sleep as well as I do after a session in the tank and have found I gain insights into both my business and personal life."
Scott Pringle